Features and advantages of smoke density test chamber.

The smoke density test chamber is an integrated product of machine and photoelectricity. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, stable performance, easy operation, etc.; WINDOWS XP operation interface, LabVIEW style, perfect safety mechanism, real-time display of measurement results during the test and dynamic drawing of a perfect curve, The data can be stored, accessed and printed out for a long time, and reports can be printed directly.

The smoke density optical measurement system of the smoke density test chamber burning under specific conditions consists of a light source, a silicon photocell receiver and a computer system. The light generated by the light source passes through a smoke density laboratory of 3m×3m×3m, and a uniform beam of 1.5m±0.1m in diameter is formed on the wall opposite to the light source. The photocell installed at the center of the beam detects the intensity of the beam from the light source. When a large amount of smoke is generated in the combustion chamber due to burning cables or optical cables, the smoke absorbs part of the photoelectricity, so that the light beam intensity of the silicon photovoltaic cell is reduced, and the data is processed by the computer system.

smoke density test chamber

Features of smoke density test chamber:

1. The circuit control system of the smoke density test chamber: test control, operation, test data collection and recording, test result calculation, etc.

2. Air circuit control box: independent gas control, gas control air circuit: including solenoid valve, pressure reducing valve, pressure gauge, flow meter.

3. Specimen radiation device: including radiation cone, thermocouple, bracket, etc.

4. Sample holder: It is made of stainless steel and is detachable, which is convenient for sample installation and quick and easy.

5. Ignition device: electronic automatic ignition with ignition package.

6. Optical system device: including light source, lens, filter, translucent lens, shading film, lens 2, light receiver, collimating filter and so on.

7. Smoke exhaust device: After the test, it will automatically exhaust smoke.

Advantages of smoke density test chamber:

1. The sample radiation device is made of stainless steel, with a built-in fire-resistant insulation cotton, which fully isolates the radiation cone and the bracket, and is reliable and durable.

2. With automatic calorific device, imported heat flow meter is used to calibrate the heat of the radiant panel to ensure the accuracy of the test conditions.

3. The optical receiver adopts imported photomultiplier tube, the accuracy can reach the smoke density and the light transmittance is lower than 0.0001%.

4. The light source adopts imported bulb, which is stable and reliable.

5. The optical system is equipped with an automatic calibration device, which can be automatically calibrated before the test, which fully guarantees the accuracy of the test results.

6. The smoke density test chamber adopts a computer control system, which can control the test operation, collect and record data from time to time, automatically calculate test results, and automatically generate test reports.