Features and scope of application of oxygen index tester.

The oxygen index tester is suitable for determining the low oxygen concentration required to just maintain the combustion of the sample in a mixed gas of oxygen and nitrogen under the specified test conditions. It is used to evaluate homogeneous solid materials, laminated materials, foam materials, soft sheets and The combustion performance of films, etc. under specified conditions.

The sample is vertically fixed in the transparent combustion tube of the upwardly flowing oxygen and nitrogen mixed gas, the top of the sample is ignited, the burning characteristics of the sample are observed, and the continuous burning time or burning length of the sample is compared with the given limit value , Through a series of tests under different oxygen concentrations, the low oxygen depth value expressed as the percentage of oxygen when maintaining combustion is measured, which is used to determine the combustion performance of vertical strips or sheet-like plastic materials with a thickness of 10.5mm. It is suitable for the determination of the burning properties of vertically supported soft or film materials.

1. The characteristics of the oxygen index tester.

1. Two glass rotor flow meters control the oxygen and nitrogen flow respectively.

2. The special manual igniter is safe and reliable for ignition.

3. The structure of the instrument is simple and the operation is convenient.

2. The purpose of oxygen index tester.

The oxygen index value is the volume percentage of low oxygen in the mixed gas of oxygen and nitrogen required for the substance to keep burning for 50 mm or burning time for 3 minutes after being ignited. The instrument has a simple structure and is easy to operate. It can be used as a test for identifying the combustion performance of polymers. It can also be used as a related research and analysis instrument to gain a better understanding of the combustion process of polymers.

3. The scope of application of the oxygen index tester.

The oxygen index tester is suitable for testing the combustion performance of plastics, rubber, fiber reinforced plastics, fireproof and anti-blocking materials, interior materials for EMUs, foams and other materials. The measurement results are accurate and reproducible. It is an indispensable test instrument for research and production of flame-retardant materials.

4. Technical parameters of oxygen index tester:

1. Combustion cylinder: It is composed of a heat-resistant glass tube with an inner diameter of at least 75mm and a height of at least 450mm. The bottom of the cylinder is connected to the intake pipe and filled with glass beads with a diameter of 3-5mm, and the height is 80-100mm. A metal mesh is placed above the glass beads to withstand the things that may drip during combustion and keep the bottom of the cylinder clean;

2. Igniter: A pipe with an inner diameter of 2mm±1mm is filled with propane or butane gas and ignited at the end of the pipe. The flame height can be adjusted with a gas valve, which can be extended from the top of the combustion cylinder to ignite the sample;

3. Using the new oxygen analyzer technology, a stable gas supply mechanism is provided, and the oxygen concentration is ±0.1% of the digital reading;

4. Special heat-resistant quartz glass tube, using heat-resistant high borosilicate combustion tube.