How to use the oxygen index tester.

The oxygen index tester is a simulated safety test item according to GB/T2406, JIS7201, BS2782, ANSI/ASTM, D2863, ISO4589 and other standards. It is used to maintain just the oxygen and nitrogen mixed gas flow under the specified test components. The minimum oxygen concentration required for glycoside combustion. The intelligent oxygen index tester is suitable for testing and evaluating the combustion performance of homogeneous solid materials, laminated materials, foam materials, soft sheets and film materials under specified test conditions. However, the results cannot be used to assess the fire hazard of materials in actual use.

How to use the oxygen index tester:

1. Put the finished sample into the specimen holder according to the standard, then put on the glass combustion tube and cover the combustion tube cover.

2. Then turn on the oxygen and nitrogen to turn on the power.

3. According to requirements, adjust the initial concentration of oxygen and nitrogen, perform ignition test, and then observe the combustion of the sample. If it burns rapidly in air, the oxygen concentration will be around 18% when the test is started; When burning slowly in the air, the oxygen will try to be about 21%; while leaving the ignition source in the air, it will be eliminated immediately, and the oxygen concentration should be at least 25%. Make the lowest visible part of the flame touch the top of the sample and cover the entire top surface. It should be noted that do not let the flame hit the edge and side surface of the sample. After confirming that all the top of the sample is on fire, the igniter should be removed immediately, and the time should be started or the length of the sample burned should be observed. When the sample is ignited, the duration of the flame action is 30s. If it cannot be ignited within 30s, the oxygen concentration should be increased and the ignition should continue until it ignites within 30s.

4. Then repeat the test until the test is completed.

5. Turn off oxygen and nitrogen. To record the test results.

6. Clean the combustion tube and the burning material in the combustion tube.