Plastic smoke density test chamber improves work efficiency.

The plastic smoke density test chamber is a new type of test equipment for measuring smoke density researched and developed according to the technical conditions stipulated by the national standard. This standard is suitable for measuring the specific optical density of the smoke produced when plastic is burned, and the optical density is used as the test. As a result, it is used to evaluate the smoking properties of plastics under specified conditions.

The whole instrument is composed of a closed test box, photometer measuring system, radiation cone, combustion system, igniter, test box, bracket, temperature measuring instrument and smoke density test chamber software; the circuit is developed by a single-chip microcomputer, with high technical content and stable performance. This instrument is suitable for all plastics, and can also be used for the evaluation of other materials (such as rubber, textile coverings, painted surfaces, wood and other materials). It is widely used by production plants in the plastics industry, solid materials industry, and scientific research and testing units. .

Characteristics of plastic smoke density test chamber:

1. The inner and outer walls of the smoke density test chamber are treated with Teflon coating, which can resist the erosion of strong corrosive gas, so that the service life of the box can be greatly extended.

2. The cabinet adopts a fully open door design.

3. An auxiliary heating device is installed on the outer wall of the test box. The temperature inside the box can be set according to the requirements of different standards, which can shorten the temperature balance time of the box.

4. An explosion-proof aluminum foil device is installed in the box to reduce the personal risk of the tester when an accident occurs.

5. There is a pressure relief port on the top of the box, which is connected with the pressure adjusting volumetric flask to automatically adjust the pressure in the box.

6. The bottom of the square box is equipped with a blasting aluminum foil to prevent overpressure, which implements safe blasting. A pressure regulating device is installed inside the box to implement safe and automatic pressure relief.

7. The box body adopts the method of fully opening the door. It is convenient to install samples, clean the upper and lower light windows of the test box after the test, and change different test devices, which improves work efficiency.

8. Install an auxiliary heating device in the test box, which can quickly reach the temperature balance time of the box according to the standard requirements.

9. A stirring fan is installed in the test box to make the combustion flue gas stir evenly, which improves the accuracy and accuracy of the test.

10. Equipped with gas collection device and interface, through the gas detection tube, it can be expanded and backed up to detect the toxic gas of flue gas.

11. Equipped with a portable water cooling system, no external cooling water source is required, which is convenient for users to use.

12. The front door of the smoke density test chamber with hinges is a fully open door design. The front door is equipped with a window, and a movable opaque shading plate is installed in front of the window.