State Key Laboratory of Fire Science Orders Heat Release Rate Tester

Relying on the University of Science and Technology of China, the State Key Laboratory of Fire Science is the only state-level research institution in the field of basic research in fire science in China built with World Bank loans and domestic supporting investment. In 1989, the project was approved for demonstration. In 1992, it was allowed to open to the outside while it was being built. In 1995, it passed the national inspection and acceptance. In 2003, it participated in the evaluation of 29 state key laboratories in the field of engineering and materials for the first time, and was rated as an "excellent" state key laboratory. Excellent in the evaluation of the State Key Laboratory in 2008. In 2004, at the "20th Anniversary of the Implementation of the State Key Laboratory Program and the 5th Anniversary of the Implementation of the National Key Basic Research and Development Program", the laboratory was awarded the "Advanced Collective of the National Key Laboratory Program". The "Analysis and Development Report of the State Key Laboratory-Achievements" ("China Basic Science", No. 1 of 2006), which was completed at the Basic Research Management Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology to summarize the achievements of the State Key Laboratory in the past 20 years. "Building an independent innovation platform to enhance the national scientific and technological competitiveness" column states that "the State Key Laboratory of Fire Science has become an internationally renowned research base and academic center in the field of basic research in fire science."

The laboratory consists of a scientific research building, a special fire experimental building, a second experimental building, a large space building fire experimental hall, and an outdoor test field. It has a total investment of 30 million yuan and a construction area of ​​nearly 5,000 square meters. The laboratory is divided into six research rooms: building fire, forest fire, industrial fire, fire chemistry, optoelectronic technology, computer simulation and theoretical analysis. The current director of the laboratory is Professor Fan Weicheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and vice president of the University of Science and Technology of China; the director of the academic committee is Professor Min Guirong, an academician of the two academies. The laboratory implements a director-responsibility system, and the academic committee guides the academic. There is a fire science editorial department, an experimental conditions department, and an office.

There are 52 permanent staff in the laboratory, including 41 permanent researchers, including 1 academician, 1 “Thousand Talents Program”, 3 winners of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, and 4 winners of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 100 plan 1. One million talents plan, eight selected by the New Century Excellent Talents Program of the Ministry of Education, one national outstanding doctoral dissertation, one Anhui Young Science and Technology Award winner, and Wang Kuancheng Young Talent Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences There are 2 persons, 19 with high professional titles and 17 with deputy high professional titles. 37 people with PhD.
Facing the major needs of national fire safety and the frontiers of world fire science, the laboratory studies the evolution laws of fire dynamics and key technologies for fire prevention, trains outstanding personnel, climbs the peak of world fire science, and continuously makes basic, strategic and Forward-looking innovation contribution.

In order to cooperate with the smooth implementation of China's large aircraft projects, the State Key Laboratory of Fire Sciences purchased the OSU heat release rate tester from Marlin Engineering of the United States for the study of the heat release rate performance of aviation materials. Based on the test results, the data is compared with the previous cone calorimeter and real room fire device.

American Marlin Engineering company is a recommended supplier of American FAA aviation manual. It produces a full set of American FAA combustion test instruments, such as smoke density test box, smoke toxicity test device, sound insulation insulation material flame spread tester, OSU heat release rate tester, fuel burner It is not only a supplier of FAA in the United States, but also its products are widely used in Boeing, Airbus and other laboratories.

Motis Fire Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. As the sole agent of Marlin Engineering in the United States in China, it provides sales and after-sales service of the company's products.

State Key Laboratory of Fire Science Orders Heat Release Rate Tester