Understand the precautions of the oxygen index tester.

1. When the oxygen index meter is stopped and then pushed out, the hand button cannot be changed without pulling it out.

2. When scheduling traffic, use an even force, and don't change it suddenly.

3. Oxygen and nitrogen cylinders are classified as high-pressure containers, and must be kept away from the fire source when using, so that the oxygen and nitrogen pressure gauges on the control panel of the oxygen index tester indicate 0,05-0,15MPa (experience value 0,10~0 ,15), and then distinguish the scheduling valve for oxygen and nitrogen flow, press the power switch on the panel, and then turn on the power. When the experiment is finished, turn off the oxygen and nitrogen cylinders first, release the gas in the gas path, and then adjust the oxygen and nitrogen flow control valves and the oxygen and nitrogen regulator valves to their original positions.

4. Frequently wipe the dirt on the surface of the extinguishing cylinder and the igniter of the oxygen index tester according to the application status, and eradicate the extinguishing drips in the extinguishing cylinder in time to ensure gas dredging.

5. If there is an effect, please contact a professional to communicate, do not open it yourself, especially the components.

6. After scouring, light the sample according to the requirements of the specification. After lighting the sample, immediately remove the fire source.

7. The external pressure of the oxygen and nitrogen cylinders used by the oxygen index tester is not less than 1MPa.