About Us

Motis Fire Technology (China) Co.,ltd established in 2008.

Since 2008, Motis develped 70 kinds of fire testing instruments and served for several industries such as building materials, aviation, rails, IMO, wire & cable, safety protection and so on.


Innovation and Entrepreneurial spirit

We pursue innovation that is critical to both our customers and our company.

Motis was founded in 2008.It is a young and innovative technology company. The company is dedicated in R & D, manufacturing and sale the fire testing instruments which are safe and easy to use. We provide high quality professional service to help our customers and partners’ success. The basis of our success is to enable our customers to achieve their goals: efficient work, accurate test data.


Our Mission

Motis mission is to build a Chinese national brand, which is also worldwide.

With the establishment in 2008, Motis has already developed more that 70 different kinds of testing instruments to meet various changeable market need. Our mission is to provide reliable products to our customer to meet their testing, R&D and quality control requirements. In addition, Motis insists for high quality standard in niche markets and targets to minimize the gap between Chinese local products and import products.vertical fire resistance test furnace


Our Values

Motis solemn commitment to the company and employees, the following four core values are the foundation of all our work.


Customer success

we are committed to each customer's satisfaction and success.  

Entrepreneurship and innovation

we pursue the customer and the company are critical to innovation, while quickly and efficiently to promote its implementation.


We uphold the trust, honesty and sense of responsibility, whether internal and external.  

Multiple win


we promote mutual understanding, value diversity, a world view of our culture.