Corrosion Test Apparatus

  • EN 50267
  • , EN 50305
  • , IEC 60754-1&2
Corrosion Test Apparatus is developed to assess the amount of acid gas which generate from the combustion of materials by measuring the pH & electrical conductivity.
The test specimen is pushed into a 800℃ heat container and burned for 30 minutes. The generated gases are forwarded to the wash bottles with demineralized water. The pH value and conductivity are measured.

Corrosion Test Apparatus


  • Thermo 1200°C split-hinge tube furnaces for material combustion.
  • ​Heating element modules for superior radial and linear temperature uniformity and fast heat up and cool down.
  • ​Long-life, energy-efficient elements require little or no maintenance.
  • ​Mode conversion switch, test method of IEC 60754-1 and 2 is optional.
  • ​Alarm temperature controller for protection of furnace overheating.
  • ​Quartz work tube and sample lading assembly.
  • ​pH and conductivity measuring instruments with digital display and electrodes Stirrer.
  • ​Mass flow meter control the flow rate of air and with digital display.
  • ​Equipped with activated charcoal filtering to clean the supplied air.
  • Equipped with silica gel to dry the supplied air.
  • ​100 ceramic sample boats provided.


  • Model No.: CTA
  • Dimensions: Furnace: Approx. 890mm(W) × 430mm(H) × 410mm(D)
                               Control Unit: Approx. 430mm(W) × 370mm(H) × 320mm(D)
  • Weight: Approx. 76kg
  • Voltage: AC 230V 50Hz 15A
  • User Manual: Available


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