Fire Resisting Characteristics of Electrical Cables Apparatus

  • IEC 60331-11&12
  • , IEC 60331-21~23
Motis Fire Resisting Characteristics of Electrical Cables Apparatus is used for testing cables required to maintain circuit integrity when subject to fire alone or fire with shock where the test condition is based upon flame with a controlled heat output corresponding to a temperature of at least 750˚C or fire with shock at a temperature of at least 830 °C.
Fire Resisting Characteristics of Electrical Cables Apparatus


  • Heat source: AGF Ribbon type propane gas burner
  • ​Two thermocouples are horizontally installed separated 45mm left and right of burner center-line to check temperature.
  • ​Mass flow controllers to regulate the gas and air flow, the accuracy is less than 1.5%.
  • ​Software shows the burner calibration temperature, propane and air flow rate etc.
  • ​The current is provided by a three-phase star transformer with sufficient capacity to maintain the required test voltage when circuit integrity cannot be maintained.
  • ​Conductor connection indicator (LED indicator) to form a current.
  • ​The voltage value is automatically set by software and adjusted by a panel controller.
  • ​Digital display of the current and voltage data, accuracy of current is 0.001A.
  • ​Current protection using fuse with 2A.
  • The real-time measurement data of all current and voltage are collected by software, and the curves of current and voltage are generated.
  • ​The indicator lamp shows the state of circuit integrity and the software record the data and send out the alarm.


  • Model No.: CFRT
  • Dimensions: Approx. 1750mm(W) × 680mm(H) × 1400mm(D)
  • Weight: Approx. 160kg
  • Voltage: AC 380V 50Hz 30A
  • User Manual: Available.
  • Gas Supply: Propane
  • Others: A 27 m3 volume test room is recommended &Compressed Air (6bar).        

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