IMO Spread of Flame Apparatus

  • ISO 5658-2
  • , IMO Res.A.653(16)
Motis IMO Spread of Flame Apparatus is used to evaluate combustion characteristics of a lateral flame which spread along a specimen, under specified heat radiation.
The specimen is exposed to a certain heat stream. A pilot flame is brought into contact with the hot end of the sample. After ignition any flame front that forms is registered and its horizontal spread along the length of the specimen is recorded as the time the flame front needs for spreading over defined distances.
Controlling the device and measurement data recording as well as data processing is done via the software. Gas control, Calibration of CHF is also available on the software.
Most construction material sold in Europe and China will need to be tested and classified using this test method.



  • The apparatus consists of a radiant panel having dimensions of 280 x 483 mm, mounted vertically, and making an angle of 15° with the specimen.
  • ​The orientation of the panel results in an incident radiant flux that decreases from 50 kW/m² at one end to approximately 1 kW/m² at the other end of the specimen.
  • ​The sample is ignited by a non-impinging, gas-air mixture pilot flame.
  • ​Viewing rakes placed at a 50-mm spacing along the specimen.
  • ​Heat flux meter the range from 0-50kW/m2, calibrated, can be traced back to NIST.
  • ​ A portable water-cooled system for specimen holder steel frame, no needs to external water supply.
  • ​The radiant burner system is fully automatic, with spark ignition and safety interlocks.
  • ​MFC (Mass Flow Controller) to easily measure the heat amount of methane gas in measuring critical heat flux.
  • ​Camcorder to observe and save test conditions in a program during tests.
  • To meet the IMO specification a stack is fitted complete with thermopile for estimating heat release rate.
  • ​Records the spread rate of flame after this records ignition and extinguishment time of flame for each distance of specimens. And the other test results is Heat for ignition (MJ/m2), Heat for sustained burning (MJ/m2), Critical flux at extinguishment (kW/m2), Average heat for sustained burning (MJ/m2), Total heat release (kW),Peak heat release rate (kW).


  • Model No.: SFT
  • Dimensions: Approx. 1650mm(W) × 810mm(H) × 1985mm(D)
  • Weight: Approx. 228kg
  • Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz 10A
  • User Manual: Available.
  • Gas Supply: Propane, methane or naturel gas.
  • Others: Compressed Air (6bar).

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