EN 136 Thermo Resistance Test Apparatus

  • EN 136
Motis EN 136 Thermo Resistance Test Apparatus is used to measure the radiant thermo resistance performance of facepiece.
Three classes of EN 136 test are described. Class 3 of EN 136 shall conduct the test of thermo resistance. The tested facepiece is mounted on the dummy head which connect to a breathing machine, and exposed to the 8 kW/m2 radiant panel at a distance of 175mm for 20 minutes. The leaktigntness shall be remained before and after test, and visibility of facepiece shall remain over 4 minutes start from the test.

Flammability Test Requirements of EN 136
Classification Leaktightness Flame Resistance Test Thermo Resistance Test
Class 1 ×
Class 2 ×
Class 3
– Required, X – Not required
Motis EN 136 Flame Resistance Test Apparatus is available for flame resistance test.


  • Stainless steel framework, black coating finish.
  • Equipped with two heating units to provide a steady radiant flux, heating units are controlled by two PID temperature controller separately.
  • Provides a steel type dummy head for specimen mounting.
  • Dummy head connect to breathing machine, breathing program is controlled by PLC.
  • Dummy head is supported on a siding rail, be able to fast positioning.
  • Heat flux meter, measurement range of 0-10 kW/m2, connect to portable cooling unit.
  • Pressure transducer for fast leaktightness test.


  • Model No.: RRT
  • Dimensions: Approx. 1240mm(W) × 700mm(H) × 1600mm(D)
  • Weight: Approx. 152kg
  • Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz 30A
  • User Manual: Available.

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