Fire Propagation Apparatus

  • BS 476-6
Fire Propagation Apparatus, relate to BS 476-6, specifies a method of test, the result being expressed as a fire propagation index, that provides a comparative measure of the contribution to the growth of fire made by and essentially flat material, composite or assembly. It provides data suitable for comparing the end-use performances of essentially flat materials, composites or assemblies, which are used primarily as the exposed surfaces of walls and ceilings.
Fire Propagation Index Apparatus


  • Stainless steel support frame and calcium silicate board combustion chamber.
  • Three kinds of sample holders for different thickness of the specimens.
  • Low reflective black finished mild steel chimney and cowl assembly complete with thermocouple mounting points.
  • Compliant stainless steel gas burner.
  • Two OMEGA K type mineral insulated thermocouples complete with ceramic insulators.
  • Thermocouples fast install and positioning design.
  • Two pencil type heaters with 1000w installed in combustion chamber.
  • Control gas instrumentation including electronic gas on/off valve, flow regulating valve, flow meter and manometer.
  • Intelligent single phase power controller with feedback loop for accurate control of electric heating elements
  • DAQ record automatically the mV output from the thermocouples of the flue gases throughout the duration of the test.
  • Auto calibration program.



  • Model No.: FPT
  • Dimensions:  Test Chamber - Approx. 400mm(W) × 600mm(H) × 300mm(D)
                                Control Cabinet - Approx. 400mm(W) × 500mm(H) × 400mm(D)
  • Weight: Approx. 46kg
  • Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz 10A
  • User Manual: Available.
  • Gas Supply: Standard gas G112 as specified in BS 4947
                               Gas flow from 0-5 nl/min @ 1kPa

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