Oxygen Index

  • ISO 4589-2
  • , ASTM D2863
  • , NES 714
Oxygen index tester uses for measuring the minimum concentration of oxygen percentage, that will just support material flaming combustion in a flowing mixture of oxygen and nitrogen at ambient temperature.

Oxygen index is the most economical and precise test to evaluate the combustion ability of various material. It’s widely used for plastic, textile, building material industries.
Oxygen index
During the test, a small specimen is supported vertically in a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen flowing upwards through a transparent glass chimney. The top of the specimen is ignited, and observe the subsequent burning behavior, such as burning length and burning time, to determine the specimen is ignited or not. By testing of a series of specimens in different oxygen concentrations, the limited oxygen index is determined.  

The Motis Oxygen Index unit is designed to comply with ASTM D 2863 & ISO 4589-2 requirement. Adopt paramagnetic oxygen analyzer for measuring mixture oxygen concentration precisely. Needle valves and calibrated mass flow controller on individual and mixed gas supply lines, provide continuous and stable mixture gas flow to specimen. These make tests repeatable and reproducible.


  • The apparatus complies with ISO 4589-2, ASTM D 2863 etc.
  • ​The apparatus consists of foundation, glass chimney, gas flow valve, gas mass flow controller, paramagnetic oxygen analyzer.
  • Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer with 0.1% resolution and less than 0.1% accuracy.
  • Calculated O2 and N2 mass flow controller with needle valve, provide precise and stable mixture gas flow.
  • Digital display of O2 flow, N2 flow and oxygen concentration, with 0.1% accuracy.
  • Rapid respond oxygen concentration adjustment, repeatability (typical) within ± 0.1%.
  • Flame igniter, portable and easy-to-use


  • Dimensions: Approx. 420mm(W) × 350mm(H) × 560mm(D)
  • Weight: Approx. 9kg
  • Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz 10A
  • User Manual: Available.
  • Gas Supply: Oxygen and Nitrogen not less than 98%
  • Others: Compressed Air (6bar), fume cupboard.

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