Surface Spread of Flame Test Apparatus

  • BS 476-7
Surface Spread of Flame Test Apparatus, is used to measure the lateral spread of flame along the surface of product orientated in the vertical position under opposed flow condition. The UK construction material shall be tested and classified using this test, which is based on the rate and extent of the spread flame. It provides data suitable for comparing the end-use performances of essentially flat materials, composites or assemblies, which are used primarily as the exposed surfaces of walls and ceilings.

Surface Spead Flame tester


  • The radiant panel is 850mm square of a porous refractory type block, vertically mounted on the robust framework.
  • The 850mm square radiant panel consists of 6 individual panels, designed to give efficient combustion of the air-gas-air mixture, with no flaming occurring on the face of the panel under operational conditions.
  • Each radiant panel consist of individual fuel supply, spark ignition and safety interlock.
  • Equipped with temp. senor for gas cut off system
  • A specimen holder and a pilot flame arrangement be mounted to one side of the apparatus.
  • A portable water-cooled system for specimen holder steel frame, no needs to external water supply.
  • Individual gas supply and spark ignition for pilot flame.
  • Dummy calibration boards available
  • Heat flux meter, range of 0-50 kW/m2, accuracy within 5%, calibrated and could be traced to NIST.
  • The apparatus can show gas flows, heat flux and times.


  • Model No.: PSS
  • Dimensions: Approx. 1220mm(W) × 550mm(H) × 1920mm(D)
  • Weight: Approx. 210kg
  • Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz 10A
  • User Manual: Available.
  • Gas Supply: Propane, purity not less than 95%
  • Others: Compressed Air (6bar).

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