Thermal Protective Performance Test Apparatus

  • ISO 17492
  • , ASTM D4108
  • , NFPA 1971
Thermal Protective Performance Test Apparatus is a test apparatus for measuring the heat-transfer of horizontal mounted flame-resistant textile material when exposed to a combination of convective and radiant energy.
A horizontal and static oriented test specimen expose to a combined heat source of 80 kW/m2 from the flame of gas burner and radiant heat beneath. The heat flux sensor measures the temperature rise of 24 degrees to indicate heat energy passing though the specimen. The results determine the heat transfer index (HTI) of specimen to indicate the thermal insulation performance.   Thermal Protective Performance Test Apparatus


  • The apparatus consists of two Meker burners, nine infrared quartz radiant tubes, a protective shutter, a specimen support frame, a copper calorimeter, a gas supply and control unit, a measuring and recording software.
  • The Meker burner is sourced from the standard recommended manufacturer.
  • The radiant tubes are controlled by software to provide a steady 40kW/m2 heat flux.
  • The calorimeter is range of 0-100 kW/m2, calibration report can be traced back to NIST.
  • Automatic heat flux calibration is available in the software.
  • The calorimeter cooling unit is available.
  • ​The protective shutter is controlled by software, open by pneumatic device.
  • Specimen holder is movable by pneumatic device.
  • ​Software data acquisition, control and processing.


  • Model No.: TPP
  • Dimensions: Approx. 1500mm(W) × 540mm(H) × 460mm(D)
  • Weight: Approx. 86kg
  • Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz 15A
  • User Manual: Available.
  • Gas Supply: Propane
  • Others: Compressed Air (6bar), fume cupboard.

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