TPP Thermal Protective Performance Test Apparatus

  • ISO 9151
  • , EN 367
  • , ASTM D4108
TPP Thermal Protective Performance Test Apparatus is for determining the heat transmission through materials or material assemblies used in protective clothing.
A horizontally oriented test specimen expose to a heat flux of 80 kW/m2 from the flame of gas burner beneath. The heat passing through the specimen is measured by a heat flux calorimeter in contact with the specimen. The apparatus records the time of temperature in the calorimeter rise of 24 degrees. The mean result of three tested specimens is calculated as HTI (heat transfer index).
 TPP Thermal Protective Performance Test Apparatus



  • The apparatus consists of: a Meker burner, a shutter, a specimen support frame, a copper calorimeter, a measuring and recording software.
  • The Meker burner is sourced from the standard recommended manufacturer.
  • Automatic heat flow calibration is available in the software.
  • The calorimeter cooling unit is available.
  • ​The shutter is controlled by software, open by pneumatic device.
  • ​Time is recorded by software, and calculate.


  • Model No.: HTI
  • Dimensions: Approx. 500mm(W) × 500mm(H) × 500mm(D)
  • Weight: Approx. 25kg
  • Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz 10A
  • User Manual: Available.
  • Gas Supply: Propane, purity not less than 95%.
  • Others: Compressed Air (6bar), fume cupboard.

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