Vertical Fire Resistance Test Furnace

  • ISO 834
  • , EN 1363-1
  • , EN 1363-2
  • , EN 1634-1
  • , ASTM E119
  • , UL 263
  • , BS 476-20
The performance of walls, ceilings, floors, and other building elements under fire-exposure conditions is an item of major importance in securing constructions that are safe, and that are not a menace to neighboring structures or to the public.
Fire resistance test furnace, is designed to determine the behavior of construction elements when subjected to defined heating and pressure conditions.
Vertical fire resistance test furnace, is used for testing loadbearing walls, fire doors, frames, fire dampers, Shutters, seals etc.
Vertical fire resistance test furnace


  • The furnace is structured of carbon steel, treated with multi-layer heat resisted coating for anti-corrosion.
  • The sides and base of chamber is lined with insulating firebrick and fiber, the heating temperature capacity up to 1300.
  • North American® 4425 type burner, provides combustion capacity up to 1220kW/h.
  • Honeywell® burning control system.
  • Hot air exhaust system.


  • Chamber Size: 3500mm(W) x 3500mm(H) x 1200mm(D)
  • Chamber Temp.: Up to 1300℃
  • Voltage: AC 380V 50Hz 60A 
  • Gas Supply: Natural gas, capacity no less than 200kg/h
  • Compress: 3bar

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